Biking in my XS helmet


So a few weeks ago a packaged arrived from Canada and inside it were two awesome snowboard/bike helmets from XS helmets. As it’s summer here in the UK and I no longer live near a snowdome I haven’t been doing much snowboarding. Living in the New Forest means it’s hard not to venture out and explore the place so I took my mountain bike through one of the trails on our campsite.  Continue reading


Wakeboarding at New Forest Water Park

This week I went Wakeboarding for the first time since last summer. After being nagged for weeks and weeks by everyone that rides there I finally gave in and had an hour session. I’m going to be honest, wakeboarding doesn’t get me stoked the way snowboarding does.. BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. As a beginner I am still not quite comfortable on a Wakeboard but I think with some more practice it will get easier. Continue reading

photo 4

Pros & Cons of caravanning

11143256_1042605022436336_8975873896732371023_nCaravan holidays are one of the best ways to explore the country (or europe) and I want to help show that it’s also an easy way of travelling. It can be quite daunting when you think about the prospect of towing a caravan but it really is a lot easier than you would expect. Me and Simon recently sold a caravan on behalf of a friend to a young couple that stayed in a tent on the campsite where we work. They were so stoked on their new little holiday home! Now after living in our caravan for nearly 2 years now we have learnt the pro’s and con’s of touring in a caravan. The pro’s always outweigh the cons though! Continue reading